Ukraine Says Russia Gas Transit Likely to End in 2024, FT Says

By Bloomberg

Jun 22, 2023

Russia may halt natural gas transport through Ukraine to Europe next year as the governments are unlikely to renew a contract due to the ongoing war, Ukraine’s Energy Minister German Galushchenko told the Financial Times.

The shipments could stop by end-2024 when the contract expires, Galushchenko said, adding that his nation is preparing its system for a halt. 

Bloomberg wasn’t immediately able to reach Ukraine’s Energy Ministry outside normal business hours. 

The transit of fuel from Russia to Europe through Ukraine has been a flash point between the nations over the past two decades, leading to several disruptions, including in the winter of 2009. While Russia is no longer Europe’s biggest gas supplier, countries including Austria, Slovakia and Hungary are still heavily reliant on its fuel. 


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By Stephen Stapczynski


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