Ebara Elliott Energy offers a range of products for a sustainable energy economy

Dr Klaus

Dr. Klaus Brun, Director of Research and Development for Ebara Elliott Energy, outlines how novel technology is focusing on various facets of decarbonisation process machinery.  Ebara Elliott Energy, formerly Elliott Group, manufactures centrifugal compressors, steam turbines, and cryogenic pumps and expanders for a wide range of industrial applications in the petrochemical, refinery, and LNG markets, with a traditional focus on supplying customised large turbomachinery trains for the oil and gas and conventional power industry.

Ebara Corporation, Ebara Elliott Energy’s parent company, is a leading manufacturer of industrial and consumer pumps. The promise and potential of hydrogen to lead toward a decarbonised energy infrastructure has resulted in significant investment in technologies to efficiently produce, transport, store, and use hydrogen.

Similarly, the need to decarbonise existing fossil-fueled power and other industrial plants requires novel technologies to capture and sequester carbon dioxide. This zero-carbon trend poses a long-term product development challenge, because it will require specialised compression products for hydrogen, carbon dioxide (for sequestration), and natural gas (as a transition fuel).

Ebara Corporation/Ebara Elliott Energy recently developed optimised compressor/expander/pump products that are commercially available for these applications. We are also continuing our product development efforts to provide reliable, efficient, and flexible turbomachinery solutions for low-carbon energy needs.

Over the last five years, Ebara Elliott Energy’s product development has shifted toward an increased focus on decarbonised process machinery including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and other turbomachinery technologies needed in a sustainable global energy economy. For example, Ebara Elliott Energy recently released the Flex-Op hydrogen and CO2Phase carbon dioxide compressor products, which are both targeted for carbon capture and other low-carbon emissions energy generation processes.

Similarly, Ebara Corporation released a novel, liquid hydrogen pump to the market that advances state-of-the-art hydrogen transportation. Ebara Elliott Energy and Ebara Corporation also have very active, advanced product development activities that will lead to new and exciting products to support the clean energy market. These new products and technologies are expected to be released within the next two years and should have a significant impact on the ability to produce, transport, and store liquid and gaseous hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon dioxide efficiently.

Ebara Corporation and Ebara Elliott Energy continue to lead the turbomachinery industry with technology and products that meet market demands for reliable and efficient compressors, expanders, turbines, and pumps for power generation, refinery, petrochemical, and a wide range of sustainable energy industries. Our 30 globally distributed service centres provide rapid and effective aftermarket support for these products.

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