Solutions to optimise power and lower emissions for Middle East operations

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Oct 12, 2023

P46 Caterpillar

As oil and gas companies across the Middle East seek to identify ways to lower emissions, they are challenged to discover approaches that support their unique sustainability goals without compromising on-demand power capability. To address this need, Caterpillar debuted three solutions at ADIPEC 2023 that enable operators, drillers and service providers the ability to utilise alternative fuels and reduce fuel consumption to lower related emissions in onshore and offshore operations.

The field-proven Cat Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO) employs proprietary fuel maps and patented control algorithms to enable vessels with multiple power sources and multiple load factors to operate at maximum fuel, emissions, or response efficiency. This cost-effective intelligent advisory system overlays existing power management systems without replacing or interfering with components. With the Cat MEO, the ADES International Holding Admarine 511 CJ46 jack up in Saudi Arabia not only beat its system’s worst-case fuel consumption scenario by more than 250,000 liters but also reduced CO2 emissions by 650,000 kg annually. Reducing fuel consumption also extended the calendar time for overhaul intervals, saving $162,000 in maintenance and overhaul costs.

The Cat Hybrid Energy Storage Solution (ESS) helps drillers and operators reduce fuel consumption, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduce environmental impact. Featuring the latest in genset controls, bidirectional power inverters (BDP) and microgrid master controllers (MMC), the custom-designed battery storage system stores excess power from the job site and then discharges it as needed. It seamlessly integrates with multiple genset options and other power sources in parallel, providing increased power output and dependable transient response capability for reliable uptime. When paired with the Cat SMART Engine Management System (SMART EMS), engines can be automatically added or removed to match rig demands.

Another option to reduce fuel consumption and related emissions, the Cat Fleet Optimizer provides 24/7 best-in-class optimisation that reconfigures fleet architecture based on accurate real-time data for optimal operational efficiency. It automatically reduces engine idle between stages, reducing fuel consumption up to 15% and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“We are enabling companies to lower emissions without sacrificing performance or TCO,” explained Amr Wahba, regional manager EAME & Eurasia at Caterpillar Inc. “We’re able to design creative solutions, such as pairing our MEO and Hybrid ESS, to cost-effectively retrofit Tier 2 engines to help reduce fuel costs and emissions. With 47 Cat dealers across the EAME region, companies can be confident of receiving dependable, skilled technical installation and service support for the life of the equipment.”

SPM Oil & Gas showcases innovative pressure pumping solutions

Oil and gas companies across the Middle East are seeking solutions to enable them to access unconventional resources cost effectively. SPM Oil & Gas (booth # 9430), a Caterpillar Company, meets this need with innovative pump expendables and the broadest pump portfolio in the industry.

The SPM EdgeX Carbide Seat is field proven to last six times longer than conventional seats, pushing the lifespan to more than 500 hours. It features a patented tungsten carbide insert and is engineered to withstand wear, cracking and washout even under the harshest pumping conditions. Its 30° strike angle also ensures easy interchangeability.

Designed to maximise the SPM EdgeX Carbide Seat’s performance, the SPM EdgeX Valve’s proprietary, industry-first urethane heads wear deeper and last twice as long as conventional valves; more than 100 hours. Together, these pump expendables reduce operating expenses, maintenance time and safety risks. SPM Oil & Gas offers a range of pump technologies to address any field requirement. The SPM EXL Fluid End if field proven to increase fluid end life to 2,500 hours; the industry average is 1,600 hours. It’s engineered to withstand extreme conditions, accommodate longer service intervals and minimise the possibility of human error — all of which help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

SPM Edge Services, the company’s global service offering, provides service and training centers in every part of the globe. SPM Edge Services supports companies with a three-pronged approach that includes global access to local engineering experts, engineered repairs with highly skilled aftermarket support and industry-leading digital empowerment tools for SPM Oil & Gas and other OEM equipment.

“Our robust well services portfolio provides pumps, flow iron, frac stacks and expendables – including our patent-pending SPM One Straight Line (OSL) Frac Connection – that are engineered for long life and reduced maintenance,” explained Mike Dickson, general manager, SPM Oil & Gas. “Our solutions help operators and service providers across the region reduce TCO and non-productive time (NPT) to help create greater operational efficiencies.


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