Thermon boosts capacity for electrification and decarbonisation solutions

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The upgrade was driven by the industry’s transition to electrification and decarbonisation.

Industrial process heating giant Thermon Group Holdings has confirmed a major upgrade and expansion to boost capacity, productivity and customer response times.

Tuesday’s announcement centres on the completion of the Texas-headquartered company’s recently modernised and expanded manufacturing facilities in Orillia and Oakville, in Ontario, Canada.

The upgrade was driven by the industry’s transition to electrification and decarbonisation, revealed Mark Roberts, Thermon’s Senior Vice President of Heating Systems Business Line and Global Engineering.  

Preparing for an altering world

He said: “The decision to modernise and streamline manufacturing operations is an expectation of global demand for technologies and solutions that enable electrification and further decarbonisation of carbon-intensive process heating systems.  

“Along with operational improvements, we are enhancing research and development by doubling the lab’s footprint and adding revolutionary testing capabilities. This supports our long-term goal of proactively serving customers who are embracing electrification of heating systems that help them to achieve their decarbonisation goals.”

More opportunity to innovate

The enhanced facility offers advantages to Thermon customers to experience a greater level of operational, manufacturing, logistical, research and development, and technical support from staff and equipment, said the firm.  

It will continue to provide systems to create heating solutions for a wide range of industries, including those that operate in the energy, chemicals, food and beverage, rail and transit, construction, and pharmaceutical sectors.   

Thermon said it identifies R&D’s pivotal role in energy transition and understands the importance of safely introducing new technologies that push the operational limits of temperature, voltage and wattage necessary to address electrification trends.

Efficiency gains

Roberto Kuahara, Thermon Senior Vice-President of Global Operations, confirmed redesigned production processes and reorganised plant layouts had resulted in expanded manufacturing capacity and improved flow with efficiency gains.

“Gaining velocity and productivity through these process improvements means we respond more quickly to our customers’ needs, requests and expectations while reducing lead times and protecting our margins,” he added.

Adding to the group

In January, Thermon further boosted its industrial process heating solutions credentials by acquiring Vapor Power International and its affiliates, a leading provider of high-quality industrial process heating solutions. 

Bruce Thames, Thermon CEO and President, said the Vapor Power and Precision Boilers team had been on a “similar journey in the electrification of process heating systems” that would compound and provide “even more solutions to existing and new markets as a collective team”.


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