Dana Gas signs US$90 mln credit facility with Mashreq Bank

By Energy Connects

Oct 15, 2020


Dana Gas announced it has entered into a US$90 million corporate facility with UAE’s Mashreq Bank.

The one-year facility is priced at an initial 3 per cent per annum margin over LIBOR. The credit facility can be extended for a further four years at the Company’s option.

The credit facility follows Dana Gas’s announcement in the second quarter that it was exploring financial options to settle its Sukuk by the due date. In conjunction with the Company’s cash reserves, the facility will allow full redemption of the Sukuk at the maturity date of 31 October 2020. The outstanding total for the Sukuk is currently $309 million.

The Mashreq facility will be repaid when the planned sale of Dana Gas’s Egyptian assets is completed.

Dr Patrick Allman-Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Dana Gas, said: “This facility is testament to Dana Gas’s financial and operational strength despite the challenging market conditions brought about by the global health pandemic and its negative impact on the global economy and oil and gas prices. Dana Gas’s robust financial position will allow the facility to be fully repaid when the sale of our Egyptian assets is completed.”

Ahmed Abdelaal, Group CEO of Mashreq Bank said: “Despite challenging circumstances posed by COVID-19 and the uncertainty with macro-economic conditions, Dana Gas has exhibited robust financial strength and this partnership demonstrates Mashreq’s commitment to being a leading catalyst for the growth of the energy sector in the region. The credit facility will provide the company additional financial flexibility as it implements its business strategy.”


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