ADIPEC 2023 Digitalisation in Energy Webinar

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar to learn more about the next generation digital technologies and trends that are shaping the future of the industry.

August 31, 202315:00GST

ADIPEC 2023 Digitalisation in Energy Webinar

The growing adoption of digital technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, blockchain, and digital twins has created unparalleled opportunities for the energy industry to embrace decentralised models and enable new solutions for the energy trilemma as well as forge dynamic collaborations across traditional industry boundaries.

From the hydrogen economy, decarbonisation and energy storage to energy sourcing optionality, energy security and inclusion, rapid advances in technology are helping pave the way for new design, operations and workflows across every facet of the industry – driving cross-sector partnerships towards a more sustainable and digital economy.

The ADIPEC 2023 Digitalisation in Energy Webinar brought together the industry’s foremost technology leaders to discuss the next generation digital technologies and trends that are shaping the future of the industry.

Key takeaway points


How has blockchain emerged as an enabler of a decentralised energy system? How can generative AI help the energy industry improve performance and efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint?


What are the new policy frameworks needed to accelerate the development of ‘zero-trust’ cyber security infrastructure and drive quicker adoption of new technologies as well as faster innovation cycles?


What are the ways in which digital technologies such as blockchain, IoT and edge computing are helping track emissions effectively across energy value chains to provide unparalleled data insights and emissions tracking?


How are advances in digital technology helping drive cross-sector collaboration and scaling technologies to accelerate the hydrogen economy?


As energy storage technologies reach commercialisation, how will digital technologies act as a catalyst for the creation of new energy business models and new revenue streams?


How critical is the role of platforms such as the Digitalisation In Energy Zone and the Digitalisation Innovation sessions at ADIPEC 2023 in helping shape the future of the energy sector?

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