EGYPS 2023: Future looks bright for African investment in gas says IGU and Hawilti

By Energy Connects

Mar 01, 2023

In an exclusive studio interview from EGYPS 2023, Julian Walker spoke to Milton Catelin, Secretary General of the International Gas Union (IGU), and Mickael Vogel, Director and Head of Research of Hawilti, about the launch of the jointly produced Gas for Africa report that was released during the show. Both explained why the future looks bright for African investment in gas. Milton thinks Africa is well placed as it has 8-10% of the world's natural gas reserves that will be needed to rebalance supply around the globe as well as to be used to develop the gas industry within Africa itself.

Mickael noted that globally gas has a major role to play in the energy transition but the problem for Africa in this context is that people need to start addressing the issue of energy poverty. We hear how in the report Hawilti and IGU set out guidelines for solutions they think are needed to unlock Africa’s potential moving forward.


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