Customers throughout the world turn to Elliott Group as it plots a visionary path towards a greater and greener growth

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Sep 08, 2023

Nobu Miyaki, CEO, Elliott Group, explains his plans for the company and its activities within the energy ecosystem’s shift toward transition in and beyond the industry from a global perspective

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Nobu Miyaki, CEO, Elliott Group

When I assumed the Elliott Group CEO role in 2022, I set up the company’s Vision and Mission. I strongly believe in the necessity of an updated Vision and Mission because the world is changing much more rapidly and drastically than ever before, mainly due to the energy transition and decarbonisation.

Our Vision is to be the best solution provider in the energy sector by providing premier equipment and services, while actively leading sustainability efforts worldwide. We hope to realise this Vision by providing customer-centric solutions in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, by providing safe working environments that encourage challenge and change, and finally, by acting and achieving as one team.

I believe we are well positioned to realise our Vision and Mission, by utilising our core competencies of proximity and responsiveness to the customer, our premier technologies such as turbomachinery rotor dynamics and refrigeration, and our talented, passionate and dedicated employees.

One of the biggest challenges to our Vision and Mission is that our business is heavily dependent on oil and gas, and in the past, this industry was not necessarily focusing on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, I would say that all of us in this industry have to change our mindset significantly.

Our Vision is to be the best solution provider in the energy sector by providing premier equipment and services, while actively leading sustainability efforts worldwide.

Mindset for change

The great news is we are seeing that everyone in this industry is now very serious about GHG emission reduction, and a lot of attention and investment is being made. Therefore, I strongly believe our parent company, Ebara Corporation, based in Japan, Elliott Group, and our entire industry will be able to achieve the GHG emission reduction goal together with our customers.

Elliott Group was founded in 1912, and since that time there have been many innovations and key technologies that have impacted our business. Turbomachinery rotor dynamics, refrigeration compression, and cryogenic applications remain our core competencies, and we believe these technologies will continue to be very important in supporting the energy transition, which is and will be happening over the next few decades.

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence will definitely have a big impact on our industry and the world. We aim to embrace these technologies to be able to solve problems all over the world.

Structured for growth

Elliott Group is now part of the Energy Company of Ebara Corporation, together with Ebara’s custom-made pump division for energy customers. This year, Ebara Corporation restructured its business units from being product-oriented to now being customer- and market-oriented. With this restructuring, we are in a much better position to provide our customers and the market with better and more valuable solutions.

This is a big difference from last year, and it marks a new chapter for us, both internally and externally.

Ebara Group has also set up a three-year management plan, called E-Plan 2025 which has five key areas, one of which is the enhancement of diversity. Key performance indicators include tracking the percentage of female employees in management positions, the percentage of people needing special assistance, and the percentage of non-Japanese people.

Elliott Group, as part of Ebara Group, will be in line with these diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives. We believe that DEI is key to our success as a global company, especially in this era of volatility and uncertainty.

Speaking of success, Elliott is glad to be here to support the success of Gastech, the world’s largest meeting place for the gas, LNG, low carbon solutions, and climate technology industries. At our booth, we will present customer-centric solutions for the energy transition, including hybrid compressor pump solutions for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), ammonia canned pumps for power plants, and compressor solutions for natural gas pipelines and for hydrogen.

We look forward to meeting and talking with all of you during the conference.


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