Ethical leadership on sustainability and productive development

Feb 13, 2023 by Energy Connects
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Author Eduardo López President and CEO Middle East and North Africa SERTECPET

The world is facing a real challenge in the face of the 2050 and 2100 agenda. What businessmen, leaders, governments, academics, investors, and multilateral organizations in energy matters decide today, must be focused on seeking the sustainability of the planet;  in the economic, social and productive development of the citizens in each of the countries.

Thinking and planning the political, economic and social agenda must be a priority, but it must also be the ability to generate proposals on how to reduce emissions, how to innovate through science and technology, how to improve our industrial processes, our extractive processes of natural resources: oil, gas and minerals, the use of water sources, thermal sources, mineral sources, as well as rare earths that will be necessary in the use of new technologies, systems, processes and components that they will make a much more efficient industry compared to the one we have today.

We must be aware that time passes quickly and it is urgent to think about a future in the short, medium and long term. The challenges we had in the 90's are not the same, nobody would have imagined that today we are talking about alternative energies, clean energy and the serious commitment that countries and their governments must make, especially industrialised countries, to reduce CO2 emissions and thus comply with the Net Zero commitment. Responsibility must lead them to evaluate: how much of this social-productive economic development is feasible and achievable, while we seek the balance between the use of resources and economic growth.

Humanity also has a very serious problem to evaluate: population growth, this will demand more resources, more energy, more minerals and better use of all these energy sources that humanity has today. These resources will be running out little by little.  For this reason, we have to anticipate a prosperous future for the generations that will come in 100 or 200 years, we need to take advantage of natural resources in an efficient and socially and environmentally responsible manner.  Let's just imagine a couple with small children, 70 years from now, what future are we leaving for their descendants?  It is necessary to take advantage of oil, coal, gas and mining in a sustainable way and seek to potentiate the energy model in the long term through solar, geothermal energy, black, grey, brown, turquoise green and blue hydrogen and nuclear fusion without neglecting that hydrocarbons will also be required.

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So the proposals as responsible leaders of the industry that day by day have also been committed to seeking how to better use resources, how to contribute products and services in a more environmentally friendly way to operations within the energy industry, how even reinvesting in scientific and technological development to also contribute within the business sphere and within the sector in which we are operating, is that there are more strategic and intelligent agreements through responsible and ethical leadership.  That the countries, as mentioned, take care of sustainable growth but that they generate greater value for future generations, which should be the reason for a new agenda that not only goes hand in hand with COP 28, a socio-industrial sustainability agenda, in addition to the economic and productive that generates a better quality of life for citizens.

The challenges of the coming decades oblige and commit all of us, who have the ability to act from a small, medium or highly responsible space in the Energy Sector to support families, jobs and contribute to the growth of a key sector of the economy, of an industry and a country;  in many of the cases where we have the opportunity to contribute with a greater development of technology and applying the best practices and creating innovative cultures for a better world, a sustainable world.

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