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Tell the story of your company in an impactful way

By 2030, the world will be home to an additional half a billion people, demanding more energy every year. At the same time, climate challenges require game-changing solutions to eliminate emissions now more than ever. In light of these circumstances, the energy industry’s role in the global discussion is now more vital than ever.

Thanks to its unrivaled proximity to the industry, the Energy Connects Studio brings you global analysis and insights at key dmg energy events. Located at the heart of the show floor, the Studio gathers the world’s highest profile energy industry leaders and Ministers to discuss the future of the industry and the different innovations and technologies paving the way towards a low carbon future.


Be a part of the global energy conversation

Energy Connects shares the stories of leaders and brands driving the energy industry forward. Get in touch with us to share your story through impactful storytelling.

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Insights that help the industry look beyond the current energy landscape

The Energy Connects Studio has welcomed 100s of energy leaders from across the globe, providing insightful commentary and analysis to the energy industry. It has also served as a platform for companies to educate the industry about their latest advancements, projects, and cutting-edge technologies that are paving the way toward a net-zero future. Here are some of the key interviews from leading events such as the EGYPES, Canadian Hydrogen Convention, Future Energy Asia, NOG Energy Week, Gastech and ADIPEC:

Be a part of the global energy conversation

Contact us to explore opportunities for your involvement at the Energy Connects Studio. 

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