Gastech 2022: Chart Industries CEO seeing a resurgence in the LNG sector

In our next exclusive studio interview from Gastech 2022, Julian Walker sat down with Jill Evanko, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chart Industries, to discuss the resurgence in the LNG market and where Chart sees the biggest opportunities. Jill also explained how the company has been involved in making energy transition-related equipment for many years. Here are some key takeaways that Jill highlighted during his interview; we learn why the LNG sector is seeing a resurgence and what Jill sees as the biggest opportunities for Chart in LNG and finally Jill touches on why Chart has been in the energy transition game for a long time. What is your outlook for the LNG industry? “What we have seen over the course of the last six months is what I would say is a resurgence of LNG. LNG has returned to be the largest percentage of our business as a whole and we haven't seen any softening. We are continuing to see a forward thought process toward more sustainable solutions.” What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the LNG sector? “We are seeing global demand from both a supply perspective and a demand perspective increasing. It is across the range of LNG solutions. We have big LNG export terminals, on the US Gulf Coast, where we provide processing equipment for. I would say demand has increased more than we have ever seen for LNG infrastructure across the country. The most recent demand increase we have seen has been for LNG retrofits, refurbishments taking existing infrastructure and turning them into LNG terminals.” What does Chart do in the energy transition space? “We have been doing energy transition-related equipment for over 57 years. On the hydrogen side of things, I would say is second in our portfolio in terms of how we do process technologies for liquefaction. We see carbon capture as a key part of the next decade as we look to 2030 carbon emission reduction goals. We have the technology to capture CO2.”


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