Methane Matters: Bridging the Net Zero With AI and Cloud

Jan 31, 2023

Energy Connects Managing Editor Chiranjib Sengupta hosts Russ McMeekin, CEO and Co-Founder of mCloud Technologies and a digital tech trailblazer with leadership roles at Yokogawa and Honeywell, to discuss methane – the other greenhouse gas – for the latest episode of Energy Connects Podcasts.

  • Methane has 80 times more warming power in the near-term than carbon dioxide and reducing its impact is widely considered a critical mission for global net zero goals.
  • In this podcast, Russ and Chiranjib talk about how, as the world struggles to sequester emissions, new digital tools are emerging to help energy-intensive industries meet this urgent challenge.
  • They also delve into mCloud’s collaboration with Google Cloud, Aramco’s decarbonisation, the history of energy transitions and why COP28 is a pivotal moment for the industry.

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