Elliott Group’s vision and mission to play leading role in the energy transition

By Energy Connects

Feb 22, 2023

image is Elliott Group Nobu Miyaki

Elliott Group was founded in 1912 and has maintained an excellent reputation for more than 100 years, says its CEO Takanobu Miyaki.

In an interview with Energy Connects, Takanobu Miyaki, CEO of Elliott Group, President of Energy Business, and Executive Officer of Ebara Corporation, talks about the company and the business unit restructuring at Ebara Corporation, Elliott Group’s Vision and Mission, integrating Elliott’s and Ebara’s strengths to support and partner with customers for a better world, as well as Ebara Corporation’s future business outlook to support a sustainable society globally.

Please tell us about your company and its organisation.

Elliott Group is part of the energy company of Ebara Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebara Corporation.

Elliott was founded in 1912 and has maintained an excellent reputation for more than 100 years. We know that our main industry, the oil and gas sector, is now challenged by the energy transition and global decarbonisation. For Elliott to maintain our strong reputation for the next 100 years, we are proactively effectuating immediate change with an innovative approach.

In line with Elliott’s direction, our parent company, Ebara Corporation, has restructured its business units from the previous product-out focus to a market-in and customer-driven organisation in the energy business segments of oil and gas, electric power, and new energy. Our main solutions will be products and service of pumps, compressors, and turbines.

In the context of the global energy transition, please detail your vision for Elliott Group.

Elliott recognises and embraces the fact that for our planet to be sustainable a transition to renewable energy is essential.

We would like to play a leading and important role in this energy transition to help us to approach our customers holistically, with the mindset of partnering with them to solve their problems. Our vision is to be the best solution provider in the energy sector by providing premier equipment and service, while actively leading sustainability efforts worldwide.

We hope to realise this vision by providing customer-centric solutions in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, providing safe working environments that encourage challenge and change, and finally, acting and achieving as one team.

We are very well-positioned to realise our vision and mission by using Elliott’s core competencies of customer commitment based on our proximity and timely response; advanced technologies such as industrial refrigeration compression and turbomachinery rotor dynamics; and our talented, passionate, and dedicated employees who can – and will – collectively produce positive change within our organisation, and throughout the world.

As Ebara Energy, what synergies between Elliott Group and Ebara Corporation do you envision going forward?

Both Elliott and Ebara have a rich legacy spanning more than a century, covering technology, products, and services that contribute to society based on the core value of teamwork, from a diverse array of individuals with unique talents, creativity, and passion who bring forth innovative ideas, and implement them in an environment in which each contributing member is equal, deserving of respect, and seeks to help one another.

We will use and integrate these strengths from both Elliott and Ebara to accomplish great things for the good of all today, as well as for the future world.

As the energy sector enters an upcycle focused on sustainability, what is the outlook on new initiatives for Elliott’s parent company, Ebara Corporation?

Our parent company Ebara Corporation’s declared corporate sustainability goals for 2030 are to reduce GHG emissions by 55%, as compared to 2018 (Scope1+2), by 100 million tons in terms of CO2 conversion (Scope3), and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. We continue to aggressively pursue these goals at all global operating locations.

In addition to the existing business portfolio, our parent Ebara Corporation has been creating and diversifying into new business initiatives in the areas of outer space, hydrogen, eco, marine, and bio sectors. Each of these initiatives addresses the new social issues and needs that are arising from evolving lifestyles of people across the world.

Finally, although change is uncertain, as well as the intricacies of the manner in which that change will occur, Elliott provides one unchanging promise: We will strive to ensure positive change by and through our diversified workforce, and are fully committed to being a leader in making this world, and our future, better for the coming generations.


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