Cryonorm and Liqvis agree on more LNG fueling stations in France and Germany

Jan 13, 2022 by Energy Connects
image is LNG Station

Cryonorm Systems BV, Liqvis GmbH and Liqvis France SAS announced a contract for the call-off of up to 16 further skid-mounted public LNG Fueling stations. 

These LNG Fueling stations will be built in Germany and France by the Dutch company Cryonorm during the next years.

“These stations will further contribute to achieving the climate targets for heavy goods vehicles,” said Piet Tel, Owner and CEO of Cryonorm Group in a statement.

Previously, Cryonorm has already built 12 LNG-fueling stations for Liqvis between 2017 and 2021.

This new contract called MERCURY II is an extension of the “MERCURY I” EPC Contract which was agreed upon  in 2018 and that already covered 16 LNG stations. 

“Expanding the LNG fueling station network across Europe requires the co-operation with a strong, reliable and competent equipment manufacturer,” said Sebastian Gröblinghoff, Managing Director LIQVIS GmbH.

The companies said that by scaling up the national network of LNG Stations, the demand of especially long-haul transportation is addressed.

“Especially Bio-LNG is expected to become one of the most important fuels in the near future when it comes to sustainable transportation,” they said.

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