AIQ joins forces with Milestone Systems to scale AI-enabled safety solutions

By Energy Connects

Feb 02, 2024

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AIQ, a technology pioneer focused on driving AI-powered transformation across industries, will elevate health and safety monitoring for industrial sites through a new collaboration with Milestone Systems, one of the largest providers of video management software in the world.

SMARTi is an Intelligent Operational Safety Monitoring solution developed by AIQ to be applied with Milestone's XProtect VMS platform. This AIQ's product delivers AI-enabled, real-time active monitoring of industrial facilities and work sites, enhancing operational safety.

In doing so, AIQ said in a statement that it will be able to scale the product seamlessly across industries and markets. The collaboration also focuses on optimising hybrid infrastructures, maximising the efficiency of edge and cloud computing for the sophisticated processing of video and sensor data.

Leveraging SMARTi's AI capabilities for environmental monitoring as well as to achieve rigorous compliance with environmental standards, detecting and analysing potential hazards, and streamlining emergency response actions.

SMARTi was developed to improve health and safety in industrial environments, by using AI-enabled computer vision of the existing CCTV feeds for intelligent monitoring, detection and reporting of safety protocol violations and incidents. The AI application utilises existing video systems combined with analytics to detect PPE compliance, behavioral safety, and incident detection, with automated reporting to a central command app. It is currently deployed and makes more than 1 billion predictions a day for AIQ’s clients.

This is the second major announcement of AIQ, aimed at international growth, product excellence and scale under the tenure of incoming AIQ CEO, Dr Chris Cooper, who said: “Through the integration of our award-winning SMARTi solution with Milestone Systems XProtect platform, AIQ is reinforcing our commitment to leading operational safety worldwide. Together with Milestone Systems, we aim to empower our clients across multiple industries to significantly improve their ability to monitor safety and compliance, to better react to incidents and enhance their overall HSE cultures.”

 “At Milestone, we work with best-of-breed technology leaders. This integration promises to enhance our video technology offerings and take our innovations to the next level,” said Sebastian Döllner, Vice President, Technology Partnerships & Open Platform, Milestone Systems. "We're excited to welcome AIQ to our thriving partner ecosystem. Integrating their technology with our open platform, data-driven XProtect VMS creates exciting new possibilities for our customers.”


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