Synaptec announces million pound sensor system order from Proserv

image is A Proserv Technician Surveys An Offshore Wind Farm

Synaptec, the Scottish supplier of passive electrical monitoring systems for power networks, announced that it has received a substantial order from Proserv.

These will be integrated into Proserv’s ECG cable monitoring system for deployment on a major offshore wind farm to assess the condition and integrity of inter-array cables.

Synaptec’s unique sensor technology provides remote and passive measurement of electrical and mechanical properties at a myriad of points within wind turbine arrays. The ECG system incorporates these measurements with other sensor data, providing the wind farm operator with real-time insights into the health and performance of the cable infrastructure.

Philip Orr, Synaptec’s Managing Director said, “We are delighted to receive this significant order for our Distributed Electrical Sensing products which follows earlier orders for systems being deployed on the Dogger Bank Wind Farm A & B and on Equinor’s Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating wind farm.

“We believe that permanent, passive electrical monitoring is a critical ingredient in the automated scrutiny of offshore electrical infrastructure. We are now scaling up production to deliver the system in the coming months.”

Davis Larssen, CEO of Proserv, commented:“Our ECG system is fast being recognised as the essential tool for the management of offshore wind farm cables. As well as detecting faults on both export and inter-array subsea cables and their terminations, importantly, the system monitors performance in real-time to give advanced warning of impending or developing issues.

“This empowers owners and operators to plan early maintenance interventions and to avoid major cable failures and power outages, costing significant time and money. The level of detail and the unique nature of the measurements from Synaptec’s Distributed Electrical Sensing platform greatly enhance the capabilities of the ECG system.”


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