SAF One partners with Kent, accelerating sustainable aviation fuel innovation


SAF One, a platform focused on the development of global sustainable aviation fuel solutions, announces the appointment of Kent to carry out a technology licensing review for its first synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) production plant.

This announcement further underscores the company's commitment to support the aviation sector with scalable, sustainable aviation fuel options.

With the application of Kent's process optimisation experience in technology integration and project management, SAF One said in a statement that it is excited to fast-track the development and commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuels, setting new benchmarks in time to market performance whilst delivering high quality engineered facilities for the production of low carbon fuels.

Commenting on the appointment, Jeff Ovens, Chief Operating Officer at SAF One, said, "This appointment of Kent for a licensor evaluation marks a key milestone in the development of our first dedicated SPK plant.  A successful SPK project starts with good engineering and a thorough assessment of available processes and technologies to ensure a safe, efficient, reliable and ultimately bankable project. I am confident that Kent's history and proficiency in such evaluations will enhance our initiatives, helping us to provide innovative, scalable solutions tailored to the aviation industry's changing demands."

Chris Avison, Vice President of Business Development at Kent added, "We are delighted to have been selected by SAF One to support their strategic goal of producing low carbon fuels from their first dedicated SPK plant.  Kent’s proven expertise in selecting and integrating cutting-edge technologies, coupled with our track record of safely delivering complex process plants, positions us to effectively guide the technology licensing review process. This award aligns with Kent’s purpose to be a catalyst for energy transition and an exciting addition to our Low Carbon projects portfolio."

By joining forces with Kent, SAF One aims to leverage the firm's extensive experience and resources in the petrochemical and renewables space, to drive meaningful change within the aviation sector. Together, both parties are devoted to accelerating the process of adopting sustainable aviation fuels to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future of aviation. 


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