Why energy executives expect the world to hit net zero by 2060

May 13, 2024

In the next episode of the Energy Connects podcast, Chiranjib Sengupta speaks to Grant Dougans, Partner and Lead of Energy and Natural Resources at Bain & Company, to discuss whether confidence in the world’s ability to achieve net zero by 2050 is eroding. Grant explains why an increasing number of global energy executives feel that net zero by 2060 is a more accurate reflection of the current realities of the energy transition, as published in Bain’s annual Energy & Natural Resource Executive Survey.

He touches on the recognition by the industry of the scale of infrastructure needed for the energy transition to succeed, the shift in capital spending patterns for long-term projects, and why ROI is emerging as a stumbling block for investments in clean energy. They also talk about energy transition being all about project economics, how policy certainty is critical for all stakeholders to pick up pace on the transition, and why energy efficiency matters in the global landscape for green energy investments.

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