CGG rebrands as Viridien: a step towards advanced technology and Earth data solutions


Viridien will reveal its logo on 10 June at the 2024 EAGE Annual Conference in Oslo.

CGG announced last week that it has received approval from its shareholders during the Annual General Meeting to become Viridien, allowing the company to position itself as an advanced technology, digital, and Earth data company.

Founded in 1931, CGG pioneered the advance of many geoscience and data science technologies.

“As we look ahead, the increasing global energy demand, a growing awareness of the need to take care of our planet, and the accelerating capabilities of digital technology are driving transformational changes across society,” the company said in the statement.

Empowering through technology solutions

CGG highlighted that these changes and their associated challenges and opportunities make the technology, data, and expertise that the company has developed over its history more relevant than ever.

Viridien will reveal its logo on 10 June at the 2024 EAGE Annual Conference in Oslo. The company will focus on a portfolio of solutions including the core businesses of geoscience, Earth data, and sensing & monitoring.

Furthermore, it will also concentrate on industries outside of energy, such as high-performance computing (HPC) and infrastructure monitoring, as well as the low-carbon markets of minerals, mining, and CCS.

“We are proud of the innovations and service excellence that we have honed over the decades to address our clients’ specific needs, and look forward to working with them as Viridien, to continue solving their complex challenges, efficiently and responsibly,” the company added.


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