LNG supply and demand, project developments and investment opportunities: preparing for the future

Jun 29, 2021 by Energy Connects
With a positive looking start to 2020 and long-term LNG demand expected to grow year-on-year, 2020 was anticipated to be a pivotal year for LNG development. However, the start of the pandemic brought short and medium-term negative results on gas and LNG market and economic dynamics, which had a knock-on effect on demand, supply cuts and pricing volatility. In the short-term, 2020 has brought many challenges to project developers who have seen their projects delaying FIDs. Taking a closer look at the Middle East gas and LNG industry, undoubtedly the emergence of FSRUs have successfully paved the way for Middle Eastern countries to import LNG. With new integrated gas projects being developed leading to new opportunities in the regional LNG landscape. This ADIPEC Webinar Series will bring together industry experts to discuss the gas and LNG market outlook and the role of gas and LNG in the Middle Eastern and African energy mix.

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